Pediatric Dentistry Services in Elkhart, IN

Dental Care For Children

Dr. Snyder and our Elkhart dental team are happy to provide compassionate, quality family dental care for the youngest smiles in your family! If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in the Elkhart area, you will be happy to know that our family dental practice accepts patients of all ages.

Pediatric Dentistry Services We Offer:

Cleanings, Exams And X-Rays

Pediatric Dentistry by Douglas J. Snyder DDS, PC in Elkhart, IN

Even the youngest smiles need quality preventive care. Routine preventive care appointments allow Dr. Snyder to carefully monitor the health of your child’s teeth. We recommend that all children have their first smile check-up by their first birthday.

Dental Sealants

Along with routine cleanings and exams, we also offer fluoride treatments and sealants to our pediatric patients. Cavities tend to form in the deep grooves and pits of the difficult-to-clean back teeth. Sealants are thin layers of composite material that are painted onto the back teeth to protect those areas from developing tooth decay.


As a naturally occurring mineral, fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay. It is naturally found in water in small amounts, as well as in some foods such as eggs, meat, and fish. Fluoride treatments are given to children who still have developing teeth at the end of their dental exam and cleaning, usually twice a year. It is the most effective agent available to help us proactively prevent tooth decay.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Pediatric Dentistry Services in Elkhart, IN | Douglas Snyder DDS

At each check-up, our team will discuss proper oral hygiene techniques and oral habits that can enable your child to reach adulthood with a healthy smile.

When was your child’s last dental check-up? At the office of Douglas J. Snyder, D.D.S, we can help your busy family fit in your dental visits in one convenient location.

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Dr. Snyder provides comprehensive restorative dentistry in our Elkhart family dental practice.

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