$10K Smile Giveaway!

Enter to Win Up to $10,000 in Dental Services

We know that a smile can change someone's life. Our $10K Smile Giveaway is another way that we give back to the community that we serve.

Applications for our 2018 content are now closed.

We will begin accepting Applications for our 2019 contest in August 2019.  We are ecstatic to announce that the winner of our 2018 contest is Gilbert (Gib), Bailey!! We are excited to share his journey to a $10,000 Smile Makeover, however, Gib has recently experienced some health concerns that have restricted the timeline of his dental care. We will add pictures of his progress as they become available.


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Meet Our 2018 $10K Smile Giveaway Finalists

Abbie Deck

“My name is Abbie, I'm 33 years old and I have struggled with dental problems my whole life. It started as a child. I started with 2 crowns in the front and it progressed the older I got. Now I have a broken front crown (I look like bugs bunny with one tooth! lol gotta laugh or I will cry), a temporary partial that I wear because the permanent one never fit. All of my teeth on top are broken to the gum. Most of my teeth on the bottom are broken down to the gum.

I have no social life, I can't participate in my kids schooling, I can't smile for pictures, and I embarrass my children. I can't eat, I stay sick....I just want to smile again! The last time I ever remember smiling in a picture was when I was about 11!!! I couldn't smile at my wedding!

I was a single parent on up until about 3 years ago and I just couldn't afford it. It's one of those things where I worry about everyone else but myself. I tried to save money but something always comes up. It is scary to think that with my teeth being as bad as they are that it could be the death of me. 5 months ago I had my twins and I was so ashamed to have to take out my loose crown in the front so I didn't tell them! Long story short, during the birth of my twins, I was put on life support and when I finally woke up (praise Jesus) and the tubes we're still in my throat, my loose crown was dangling in my mouth. I was that embarrassed that I risk my life which was stupid...”

Leah Beard

“Baby Teeth Begone! Why does a fully grown, adult woman still have baby teeth in her mouth? We may never know the answer, but Dr. Snyder may be able to find the solution! Join me, as I share the story of my hindering and lazy teeth on my path to confidence.”

Gilbert (Gib) Bailey

“Veteran Wanting His Smile Back!!”

Monica Campos

“Hi everyone, my name is Monica. I became a mother at a young age, my daughter has always been our main priority, so at the moment we are not financially able to pay for me to fix my teeth. Please help me win this giveaway by voting for me I would really appreciate it! Please help me fix my smile!”

James Stremme

“As a child I was only to the dentist a couple times. So not only am I terrified of dental work, but the teeth I have had pulled has been unpleasant. I’m not a fan of being numb.

I do have insurance now and I work in the RV industry, but I’m afraid to miss work and let my coworkers down and loss of income for my family. I generally never smile especially to take pictures smiling. I generally, most days, feel weak and hungry because I find it painful to eat. Normally biting my tongue or jaw.

It would feel so amazing to be able to smile, eat have a conversation or laugh with someone without feeling like they are looking at my teeth. Luckily my fiancé and I have learned from my loss, and make sure our daughter is well kept up with dental care. I’d rather do without for her, so to this is my chance along with others to have some teeth. I feel so ashamed
with these pictures, and understand that others with see them, but I have to take a risk.”

Our 2017 $10K Smile Giveaway Contest Results

The finalists for our 2017 contest were:

Marisol Mercado

Adam S.

Mary Freed

Tamika Williams

And the WINNER of our 2017 $10K Smile Giveaway Contest is...


Below is Erik's incredible transformation!

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I have to be a current patient to enter?
No. Anyone is welcome to enter and to tell their friends about our practice and the contest.

What is the best way to watch for information and updates about the contest?
Facebook. Most of the contest will take place on our Facebook page and on our website.

What is the best way to enter?
A video is the best kind of submission. Tell us a personal story of your current smile, what you don’t like about it, and how it has affected you. Explain how a new smile would change your life. Show us your current smile and explain your financial situation and why it has prevented you from fixing your smile in the past. Tug at our heartstrings, make us laugh, and most importantly be yourself!

What if I can’t make a video?
You can use your phone, personal computer, tablet or a video camera to make your video submission. If none of those options are available to you we will accept a photograph with a short story (300 words or less).